Yes, yet another blog

Hello World!

I thought about having a blog or some kind of personal web site since the first time I came to use The Almighty Internet.So please, bear with me if at the beginning I’m going to be a tad slow at filling it with new ramblings.
Thank you, and enjoy.

9 Responses to “Yes, yet another blog”

  1. Stefano Salvi Says:

    It’s not my field (and sorry for my stupid, but first :-), comment), so I only can write, as your brother, enjoy your time, your work and good luck for your new (yet another) blog.
    As you know, if you’ll find some mistakes, it’s not my fault but my irish english… I think that’s all for now.

    Your (still) unemployed brother

  2. Jim Tilander Says:

    Nice that you’ve taken the plunge into the Internet writing pool! Looking forward to many interesting topics here (no pressure:).


  3. marco Says:

    Thanks Stefano and Jim, I’ll try to make it interesting.
    I just need to fight my inner lazyness and the lack of time to fill it almost every day with something new 🙂


    p.s. Stefano: your english is getting better, it will be soon better than mine (not that you need to be a rocket scientist to achieve that..;-) )

  4. christerericson Says:

    Hi Marco, it’s great to see you blogging! Unlike Jim, I’m happy to put the pressure on you for many interesting and informative posts; there’s a never-ending demand you know! Get to it!

  5. marco Says:

    Thanks for the additional pressure Christer!
    My idea is to update it quite regularly, certainly not every day, but at least a couple of times a week.
    As long as I have interesting things to write about..

  6. archie4oz Says:

    Feh, why did I have to find out about this today…?

  7. Marco Salvi Says:

    Welcome archie! 🙂

  8. Deano Says:

    Yeah I was a little late to the party too (well roughly a month) 😛

  9. Marco Salvi Says:

    Welcome Dean! back to work now..crunch mode engaged 🙂

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