Time for a brief update

Four months ago I tried to stimulate your curiosity with this post.
Next month I will try to stimulate it even more with this talk at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
A few simple approaches will be presented, though I will focus a bit more on a technique called ESM (short for Exponential Shadow Maps) which is also the subject of an article that will appear on ShaderX 6.
That’s all right now, hope to see you at GDC!


4 Responses to “Time for a brief update”

  1. Andrew Lauritzen Says:

    Awww now you made me sorry for cheaping out of the GDC tutorials 😦 I’ll definitely grab the book but it’s too bad I can’t come to your presentation. Maybe I’ll peek in from outside 😉

  2. Marco Salvi Says:

    Unfortunately ShaderX6’s article ‘only’ covers ESM, while at GDC I will talk more about other approaches as well, though there won’t be enough time to really dig into details.
    I think GDC presentations will be put online after the conference, I’ll try to post mine here on this blog.

  3. pthiben Says:

    Looking forward for your publication 🙂
    Congratulations and good luck for your presentation !!!

  4. pthiben Says:

    Sorry, can’t edit my post.
    Just to say that I’ll have the opportunity to attend the GDC and the tutorial where you give your presentation. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂


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