C++ implementation of Larrabee new instructions

Intel has recently released a C++ implementation of Larrabee new instructions (LRBni). Grab it if you like to be ahead of the curve starting to write software for LRB right now,  or if you simply want to  have a glimpse of LRB architecture.

Prototype Primitives Guide



This .inl file provides a C++-implementation of the Larrabee new instructions.  It allows developers to experiment with developing Larrabee code without a Larrabee compiler and without Larrabee hardware. It does not attempt to match the Larrabee new instructions with respect to exceptions, flags, bit-precision, or memory alignment restrictions. Disclaimer: the exact syntax and semantics of the functions shown here are not guaranteed to be supported in future Larrabee hardware and software products.



2 Responses to “C++ implementation of Larrabee new instructions”

  1. archie4oz Says:

    So this is what you’ve been keeping yourself busy with eh?

  2. Marco Salvi Says:

    Well..more or less..;-)

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